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位于北京国贸CBD的高层写字楼中,AYZ STUDI O为一家年轻的咨询公司完成了新办公室的建造。与传统办公项目不同,材料的创造力与愉悦睿智的当代文人生活被整合进空间,使其拥有了强烈的表达力与感染力。在视野绝佳的落地窗前,CBD棱角分明的城市轮廓线与办公空间形成了张弛有度的拼贴连接。

In the China World Trade Center Tower III, a 74-story skyscraper in Beijing, AYZ STUDI O architectural design team completed a new office for a young consulting company. Unlike traditional office,the creative materials and the pleasant and wise contemporary literati lifestyle were integrated into the space, giving it a strong expressive and appealing sense.Viewed through the floor-to-ceiling windows, the angular urban outline of CBD was connected with the office space in a relaxing collage way.


智 / Wisdom


Soft Space Walking Paths


子曰: 饭疏食,饮水,曲肱而枕之,乐亦在其中矣。不义而富且贵,于我如浮云。

Confucius said: It is happiness to eat simple food, drink water and sleep with head on the arms as pillow. The unjust wealth and fame are meaningless like clouds to me.



In the brand-new office space, the traditional densely arranged working areas disappeared. Instead, multiple walking paths centered on the tea area at entrance achieved cross-functional coordination.




Following the rock-textured curved wall, there were the meeting area and the chairman s office, both of which occupied 120 square meters with the widest view on the north side. The meeting room was connected to the chairman s office, and the tea room and meeting room as a public activity area were set opposite to the tea area. The glass curtain wall brought the landscape into a larger view.




Except for the regular traffic line along the curved wall, the public working area and the two independent offices on the south could be reached by the door opened outward in the corridor as a shortcut.


The central tea area, as a transportation hub, connected the entire space. The almost fully open functional space enhanced the cohesiveness of staff, and the relaxed and wise atmosphere made the whole space appear soft and rational.

楽 / Delight


Eliminate Public-Private Boundaries


子曰: 知之者不如好之者,好之者不如乐之者。

Confucius said: Knowing it is not as good as loving it; loving it is not as good as delighting in it.


虽然业主面向的客户多来自传统行业精英群体,但办公空间仍决定以更年轻的姿态向外输出其理念和经营策略,走出刻板的安全地带之后,迎来愉悦。无论从室内主色调、空间总体氛围亦或是AYZ STUDI O想表达的态度,灵感均注入自然乐趣。

Although most of the clients targeted by the owners came from the elite of traditional industries, the office design insisted to showcase its ideas and business strategies in a younger manner. After getting out of the rigid safety zone, it would usher in joy. Whether from the space palette, the overall atmosphere, or the attitude that AYZ STUDI O wanted to express, the inspiration was infused with nature and delight.


The more concise meeting room, enclosed circular discussion area, and contemporary oriental tea room provided three levels of social spaces. The boundary between public and private areas was eliminated, and a more comfortable way of socializing could happen there at any time.



Transformed from natural textures, the material veins and patterns were presented through stone, textured cloth and micro landscape. These designs that tended to be natural and wild were inserted into the space, creating an interesting freehand style of curved and plane surfaces. Together with the insightful vegetation and rocks, the design formed a balanced office ecology and provided an efficient workplace that was conducive to creativity.


和 / Harmony


Acrylic and Oriental Ink Painting


子曰: 礼之用,和为贵。先王之道,斯为美。小大由之,有所不行。知和而和,不以礼节之,亦不可行也。

Confucius said: In using ritual,harmony should be valued.The Way of the former kings from this got its beauty. Both small matters and great depend upon it. If things go amiss, he who knows the harmony will be able to attune them. But if harmony itself is not modulated by ritual, things will still go amiss.

东方水墨叠加亚克力渐变板的艺术装置在空间多处出现,经过叠加的艺术品被部分 上色 ,海天沙石呼之欲出,想象力似乎突然被撕扯开,绵延至无限。

The art installations of oriental ink painting superimposed by acrylic gradient board decorated the space. The superimposed artwork was partially colored by the acrylic, creating a vivid scene of the sea, sky, sand and rocks ready to come out. Thus, the infinite imagination came into being.


在格式塔心理学逻辑中有这样的解析 当我们看到事物的多组信息时,会自动识别并分别设想每组信息的完整形象,使具有深度的物件的各个方向被压缩,形成浅空间,比如立体主义绘画的诞生。这种叠加则像是浅空间的反向延展,在时间和空间的维度上打开了三维想象。在办公空间中,它以这种张力传达出突破边界却又合而为一的理念。

Through Gestalt psychology, when people see multiple sets of information, they will automatically recognize and respectively imagine the complete image of each set of information, so that the various directions of the objects with depth are compressed to form a shallow space; for example, the birth of cubist painting. This kind of superposition was just like the reverse extension of shallow space, opening up three-dimensional imagination in terms of time and space. In the office space, it conveyed the concept of breaking through boundaries and becoming one with this tension.  



When the night falls, the glass curtain wall happens to become a giant acrylic panel to connect the city and interior space, as if enveloped with a layer of color, extending the possibilities to infinity.










深化设计团队:白金 /龙逸飞




Project information

Project name: Office in China World Trade Center Tower III

Location:Block A, China World Trade Center Tower III, No. 1 Jianguomenwai Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Project type: Office


Design agency:AYZ STUDI O

Design Director: Jiang Hui WWW.ANYUEZHAI.COM

Chief Designer: Wang Wanqing

Deepening design team: Bai Jin / Long Yifei

Photography: Song Yuming

Brand Planer: LeLe Branding




新文人主义生活美学品牌 羽ASPLUME创始人

安悦宅建筑设计事务所、AYZ STUDI O创始人


2007年由姜辉先生创立的生活美学品牌 羽ASPLUME,下设安悦宅建筑设计事务所和AYZ STUDI O。

AYZ STUDI O以Arc曲线、Yin-Yang阴阳、Zen禅三维要素为商业品牌制定设计策略,重建人与空间的关系,成就趋向完整的场所。



In 2007, the literati living aesthetics brand Yu AS PLUME was established by Mr. Jiang Hui, consisted of two branches as AnYueZhai Architectural Design Firm and AYZ STUDI O.

Featured the design strategy of Arc, Yin-Yang and Zen for commercial brands, AYZ STUDI O rebuilds the relationship between people and space to achieve a more complete place.

Starting from a traditional cultural foundation, Hui uses unique design techniques to create a multi-dimensional living and working environment suitable for the eastern elite. He has designed for many real estate developers and entrepreneurs and his recent works include the Shenyang Greenland State Guest Mansion model room, the Hangzhou Wanrong City Sales Center, the Sichuan Chengdu Luhu series model room, Nanjing Shizhuzhai, the Green Life Experience Pavilion, the Green City French series model room, the Vanke Beijing City Center, the Lenovo Automated Shop, etc.

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